Rules of rummy

What is Rummy?
Rummy is a card game played by a group of 2-6 people with two decks of cards and two jokers. One deck of cards is shuffled and dealt with whereas the other, the closed deck which is hidden from the players is placed upside down.

Players will be discarding the cards from their sets and picking up new ones from the closed deck. The basic goal is to make a set of 3 or 4 cards of the same rank, or set of sequence cards from the same suit. The person with the highest rank set/run will get the highest points.

Deck : A standard deck of cards will have 52 cards. These cards are categorized into four suits - hearts, spades, diamonds, and clubs. Each suite will have 13 cards with four faces, King, Queen, Jack, Ace, and nine number cards from 2 to 10. Two joker cards will be included in the deck taking the count to 54.
One Deck : On 2 players max table.
Two Decks : On 2-6 players max table.

How points are calculated?
All face cards (King, Queen, Jack, and Ace) – 10 points each.
Aces – 10 point each.
Number cards – same as the number on the card.
All the points are added to the cumulative score of the player until the pre-set target is reached.

GullyRummy Gameplay

Playing the game
In GullyRummy, the computer chooses the dealer automatically in each game. In a 2-player game, each player is alternatively chosen and in a 3 or more players’ game, the dealer is chosen in an anti-clockwise direction by the computer.

Each player is dealt with the required number of cards (13 or 21) to start the game. A player can only see his/her cards face up and other players' cards are shown face down making them invisible. As a player, you will be shown your cards only. Others’ cards will not be visible to you.

The cards will be dealt to everyone on the table and the rest of them are kept at the center of the table to form a closed slot. The first card from this slot is opened automatically and placed face up. This first card is called, ‘Open Card’.

A random card from the closed deck is pulled by the system and kept face-up underneath the closed deck making it to the cut-joker in the game.

Use the ‘sort’ button next to your cards as soon as you receive them. They will then be grouped suit-wise.

The first player (sitting next to the dealer) will pick a card from either the closed deck or open deck to make the right combination with the cards in hand. After that, the first player should discard one of the cards from his set and the chance is passed to the next player on the right to him/her. And the game goes on in the same fashion.

The cards in the open deck will be visible to all players on the table and the cards in the closed deck will always be placed face-down. If you pick a card from the closed deck, no other player will come to know which card you picked.

The card that is discarded by the player will be seen face-up by all other players and it can also be seen in history.

How to win?
Players would need to make the best combinations of cards in the form of sets or sequence. One who declares first and arranges the cards correctly as per the rummy game rules wins.

Things to remember
It is mandatory to have one pure sequence and one impure sequence with a joker, in a set of 13 cards.

The rest of the 13 cards can either be sequences, either pure or impure or can be sets (could be a set of minimum 3 cards or maximum 4 cards).

Any number of jokers of any kind (either cut-jokers or printed jokers) can be used.

A pure or impure sequence should comprise of cards of the same suit. Cards of two different suits cannot be used here.

Gameplay Features

GullyRummy offers you the best online rummy gameplay experience with maximum variants of the game on a user-friendly and customizable game platform. Some of the basic gameplay features of this skill-game are mentioned below. Check them out before playing the game for a better understanding.

Dealing a card
All the players on the table would be dealt with cards before the game starts, as per the regular rummy rules.

It sorts the received cards suit-wise when the ‘sort’ button is clicked.

Picking a card
The player will be prompted to pick a card when his/her turn comes. He/she can pick a card either from the open deck or the closed deck on the table by clicking on it.

Discarding a card
The player will be prompted to discard the card from his/her hand after picking up the card. This feature is used to dispose of the unwanted card from the hand. You can select the unwanted card and click the ‘discard' button that appears after selection.

While playing the game, any player can withdraw from it in the initial stage or middle by choosing the ‘drop’ option. At GullyRummy, the player gets two chances to drop out of the game. One is at the initial stage of the game which is called "initial drop" and others in the middle of the game called "middle drop".

When a player drops at the initial stage?
When a player realizes that his/her cards are not worth playing before picking up the card.

When a player drops in the middle?
When a player realizes that his/her cards are not worth playing even after picking up the card.

The ‘drop’ option can be found on the player's icon. Penalty points are deducted in both cases depending on the variant of the rummy game played. Refer to the ‘Rummy Points System' for complete details of drop points.

How to use a joker?
Joker card is used as a jack to complete any sequence and/or set in a rummy game. Generally, there will be two types of jokers available, one that is ‘printed joker' which is available with the normal pack of cards and another that is ‘cut joker’ - it changes with the rummy game. A player can use the joker by grouping it with the set.

A player can only win the game after he/she declares the game as per the rummy game rules. If a player has all the requirements to win a game, he/she can declare the game by selecting an extra card and clicking on the ‘declare’ button.

Melding is a grouping of cards correctly and showing them to the other players on the table when declared. The declarer should arrange his/her cards first and the other players on the table would arrange/meld their cards. The card confirmed for finishing cannot be withdrawn by the player, and incorrect grouping can lead to points’ deduction. GullyRummy defines a set limit for arranging the cards which are shown on the screen. Click on the ‘declare’ button after arranging/melding is completed.

How to send cards?
When a player declares, the other players are also required to show their cards as well. Before sending them, they have to arrange them as the declarer does. After the declarer gets validated, other players will be displayed ‘declare’ button on their screens. The other players’ cards will be declared even if the ‘declare’ button is not clicked within the given counting downtime.

GullyRummy can be played at different cash levels. The points won or lost will be calculated depending on the multiplier of the game. The multiplier can be set at 0.5x, 1x, 2x, and so on, defines how much a player can win/lose.

E.g., In a 1x 13-card game, if player A gives 20 penalty points to player B, then player B will be credited with Rs.20. In the same way, in a 2x 13-card game, if player A gives 20 penalty points to player B, then player B will be credited with Rs.40 (20 points X 2).

System Requirements

Requirements to Play GullyRummy Online:

  • Windows 7, 8, 8.1, and 10, MacOS, Android, and iOS.
  • Google Chrome/Mozilla Firefox/Safari/Opera (latest versions) (Disable script blockers if you have any installed on your browser).
  • Uninterrupted Internet Connection.